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Regina's House - 11 Fav Window Spot-1083

Collingwood Home

May 7 2015 • Leave a comment

As soon as the door opened to this Collingwood home, I was taken with the gorgeous bright interior. This home’s vibe is instantly uplifting and energising. It’s amazing how colour can have such an impact on your mood. The owner, who runs a small consulting business, has cleverly and thoughtfully filled her home with textured artwork and comfy furniture pieces that has resulted in a warm and cheerful place to call home.

The white walls and floors have been accented really well with just the right amount of colour. The vibrant paintwork and art complements the owner’s personality to a T. She has a lovely warm nature and is an extremely bright and positive person.

Regina's House - 2A Artwork Wall-1084

Living space. A selection of striking Aboriginal artwork sits proudly on the white brick wall. The painting on the top left is of bush tucker, the one on the far right shows a sacred site and an adjacent Aboriginal community and the third in the middle is a map of that community. The wooden chair on the left was reclaimed from a renovation that the owner worked on with her dad many years ago. The cute green cushion on the chair was purchased from a neighbour in a rumble sale before he moved away into the countryside. It had been crocheted by his grandmother. Photo by Briony Skeen.


Regina's House - 3 Special Pieces Close Up-1089

Sideboard details. The owner studied international law and has a passion for human rights. The purple basket on the wall was purchased on a trip to Rwanda. It is the colour of remembrance that is used to remember those lost in the Rwandan genocide twenty years ago. The beautiful teapot was bought whilst on tour in Cambodia, also for its colour and uniqueness. The tour was a fundraising activity for Amnesty International. The owner cycled with a group for approximately 450km’s around Cambodia. They experienced the beautiful countryside and temples, learnt about the country’s history and visited the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights and memorials to the victims of the genocide conducted by the Pol Pot regime. ‘It was an amazing experience, as well as an interesting one’, said the owner. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 6 Dining table-1065

Dining space. A favourite thing to do in this home is to enjoy dinner parties with friends. All of the artwork seen here is Aboriginal. From left to right – the first painting is of women dancing, the framed painting was a gift and shows an Aboriginal group and the artwork on the easel depicts a possum dreaming story. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 7 Living Space & Study In Distance*-3

Living space. This room is so striking with the light streaming in the large windows. The owner’s mother is from the US and the owner grew up having a passion for American history. The lovely metal lamp hanging over the couch is a replica of a piece from the 1700’s and the American revolution. The owner likes to put candles in it. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - Rackets-2

These gorgeous rackets were the owner’s Father’s and where given to the owner to use when she was learning to play tennis as a child. Lots of reading is done in this home. Books range from poetry to biographies, a real mix! Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 11 Fav Window Spot-1083

This window sill is the perfect reading nook. It is a lovely sunny spot. The framed print on the orange wall is called ‘Murderous Fight’ and is by an Australian printmaker. It reflects the Aboriginal people’s defence of their land at the time of colonisation. It was a gift from a neighbour who knew the owner would value the work and the sentiment of the piece. Photo Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 13 Kitchen-1096

The kitchen. The lovely timber floors, bench top and island bench work so well in this white kitchen. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 14 Kitchen Details-2

Kitchen details. The pebbles in the glass bottle were collected along the beach near the owners parents’ holiday house. Pebbles and shells are scattered around in different spots in the home, ‘They remind me of the sea and the peace of walking along the sand’, the owner said. The little plates hanging on the tiles were picked up on a holiday in a small town called Gubbio in Italy. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 17 Kitchen, Red Chair & Coffee Table*-2

Living space. The large Aboriginal painting on the left is from a community in the Central Desert and depicts Men’s Dreaming. The three pictures above the red chair are actually framed cards that were given the owner by an artist neighbour who used to live in the building. For the owner, the pictures are a nice reminder of her friend and how welcoming she was in the early days of having first moved into the building. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 19 Study-2

Home office. The Aboriginal artwork seen here is the owner’s favourite. It depicts bird footprints and is called Budgerigar Dreaming. Photo by Briony Skeen.

Regina's House - 1 Building Exterior Final-1040

Building exterior. Photo by Briony Skeen.


The owner bought this Collingwood home back in 2007. She wanted to live somewhere open and light with a sense of space. This property ticked all the boxes and then some. It was just what she was looking for.

Situated near Smith Street, this open plan home is best described as a New York style loft. It has a simple layout and is in no way ostentatious. The interior of the home is very reflective of the owner. All of the colourful Aboriginal artwork reflects the work that she does with Aboriginal communities and reminds her of the people that she has met and the places that she has gone.

Apart from a few simple changes, like changing the colour of the now orange feature wall from the original maroon colour, removing a curtain that used to close off the home office space and adding the bright orange lamp in the main living area, there hasn’t been a need to make any changes. Orange is obviously a favourite colour!

Over the past 8 years, the owner said the building has been a lovely, social place to live. Her neighbours are so friendly. There’s a real sense of community and togetherness here, which is really wonderful.


The owner loves the neighbourhood of Collingwood for many reasons, but particularly for its eclectic community. The variety of people and the places and backgrounds they come from bring a special vibe to the community. Living next-door to an amazing strip of cafes and restaurants also means that you are spoilt for choice with any cuisine!

Living in an apartment with no backyard or garden means that you use the local parks and gardens more. With the Exhibition, Fitzroy and Botanical Gardens only a 5 min walk away, it’s ideal.


  • Storm In Teacup – A tea bar on Smith Street that invites you to experience tea in a different capacity. The licorice and honey brew is a special favourite.
  • Builders Arms – A great local. The fish pie is delicious!
  • Alimentari Smith Street – A great eatery and deli
  • Bayte – A lebanese eatery on Johnson Street
  • Pop Up Scroll – Scrolls baked fresh on the premises. Known for their signature cream cheese scroll!
  • Big Dreams – A great place to buy presents for nephews and other little people
    Aunt Maggies – An organic grocery store on Gertrude Street full of interesting things



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