Hello I’m Briony, the heart and eyes behind Neighbourhood Design. I’d like to share a sneak peak inside houses in your local neighbourhood. This blog features warm, honest and inviting homes when comfortably lived in by people just like you.

I love meeting locals who have something interesting to share about their home and I really enjoy capturing these great spaces with my camera. I’m constantly being inspired by what I see and find.

There’s no interest here in homes that seem so perfect that they are missing a human presence. I’m particularly drawn to homes that are a little out of the ordinary – those that show innovation and creativity. I want to reveal how people express themselves through their home, show the imperfect details, uncover the subtleties, and show the owners’ personal stamp. In essence, unveil that style that just can’t be bought.

Neighbourhood Design will bring you the amazing ‘everyday’ stylists, who have created spaces that are unique to them and to Melbourne. My hope is that you might enjoy discovering ideas and inspiration to create meaningful spaces in your own home.